Any person who devotes a substantial part of his/her employed time to activities in the field of economic development in West Virginia may become a Regular Member of the WVEDC upon approval of a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Associate Membership may be offered to any individual upon approval of a majority vote of the Board.Associate Members, however, shall not be eligible to hold office or vote on matters considered by the Council.

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Nominations are open May 1 to July 31.


  1. The individual must be or have been an economic, industrial, or community development professional whose activities and accomplishments in the field extend far beyond those necessary to satisfy the position(s) for which he or she has been compensated.

  2. Must have at least ten (10) years of service in West virginia as a professional economic, industrial, or community developer.

  3. Must be a past or present member of WVEDC and must have demonstrated multiple years of service to WVEDC. Service is defined as being a committee member, board member, officer, or committed/active supporter of WVEDC.

  4. Must be at least fifty (50) years old.

The Nomination Process, Selection Process and Award and Privileges are in the Honorary Life Membership Policy.